Honors Chemistry … April 9th – 13th

Hello, students!

Struggled on E-27 Atomic Structure I, E-29 Inorganic Nomenclature, and/or E-31 Bonding and Structure Test(s) and want a retake? Please complete the E-27, E-29, E-31, and/or E-33 Remediation Sheet(s) (E-27-15 rem/E-29-15 rem/E-31 rem1/E-33 OMPT with FRQ) and see me ASAP to retake for up to 100%! WAIT on retaking E-28 until right after E-39! Struggled on E-30 Test or E-32 or E-34 Quizzes? You may retake if you failed for up to 60% (E-30-15 rem/E-32-15 rem/ E-34 rem).

Here is what we are doing this week:

Monday, April 9th – Did you get your E-35 Prelab stamped (GUIDELINESFORLABREPORT-08/E-35-16 lsh)? Complete the E-35 Lab and compare results with another group TODAY! Homework: Complete the lab question chart on page 79 in Workbook (due Wed).

Tuesday, April 10th –  JUNIOR SAT TESTING. NO CLASS.

Wednesday, April 11th – New seats! E-36 Notes (exothermic example)(E-36 Note Sheet/E-36-16 ssh). Compare answers from E-35 page 79 with your table and make corrections. Ask questions. Homework: Complete the E-36 More Practice Problems on page 82 in Workbook (E-36-08 mpph)(due Thurs). 

Thursday, April 12th – E-36 Notes (endothermic example). Check and turn in page 79 from Workbook. Homework: Complete E-36 Even More Practice Problems on page 83 in Workbook (due Fri).  Complete the E-37 Precipitation Reactions Lab including the prelab terms (E-37-16 lsh)(due next Mon).

Friday, April 13th – Complete, check, and turn in the E-36 Practice Test with partner. Homework: STUDY for the E-36 Test Monday! Complete the E-37 Prelab including the prelab terms (due next Mon).

Have a great week!!! 🙂

Mrs. Kim Anderson



P.S. I am in E-314 before and after school if you need help!!!