Chemistry … May 8th -12th

Hello, students!

Important note: Do you have missing work? Are you unhappy with a quiz or test score? Work on the remediation sheets to retake E-27 Atomic Structure I (e-27-15-rem), E-29 Formula Writing and Naming (e-29-15-rem), E-31 Bonding and Structure (remediation sheet in-class handout only), E-33 The Periodic Table (remediation sheet in-class handout only), and/or E-39 Acids and Bases (E-39 rem) for up to 100% EACH! E-30 Atomic Structure II (e-30-15-rem), E-32 Group Properties Quiz (E-32-15 rem), and/or E-37 Precipitation Reactions (E-37 rem) can be retaken for up to 60% each! Check the required remediation sheet when you are finished, and let me know when you are ready to retake!!!

Important note: Want to start reviewing for the final? Reread your Workbook, notes, and all returned papers and make sure you have thoughtfully completed BOTH Quarter Review Sheets (3rd Q RS/4th Q RS)!!! The final counts as 15%!!!

The COMPREHENSIVE Exit Exam will be on Friday, May 26th!!! Please complete pages 151-154 of the 4th Quarter Review for Wednesday, May 24th and pages 155-156 of the 4th Quarter Review for Thursday, May 25th.

Here is what we are doing in Chemistry this week:

Monday, May 8th – Get the E-45 Environmental Chemistry PowerPoint Vital Questions Stamped. Questions about either the E-45 Jigsaw Activity or E-45 PowerPoint Vital Questions (E-45-08 ja/E-45-16 vq/E-45-08 ppt)? 

Tuesday, May 9th –  Complete the E-45 Practice Test with partner and turn in (E-45-12 pt)(Test will be Wednesday – look over the Review SheetE-45-16 rs!). Homework: STUDY for the E-45 Test Wednesday!

Wednesday, May 10th – Take the E-45 Test. Discuss Exam. Homework: Review 3rd Quarter Review and begin 4th Quarter Review (See above for details!!!).

Thursday, May 11th – Begin E-44 Organic Nomenclature Notes Part I. Complete E-41 Day 3 Try #2 and submit results TODAY! Homework: Do and check Practice Problems 1+2 a-i “odd letters” from pages 126-127 (E-44-16 ss)(due Fri). Review 3rd Quarter Review and continue 4th Quarter Review (See above for details!!!).

Friday, May 12th –  Continue E-44 Notes Part II. Do and check Practice Problems 1 a-u+2 a-s “odd letters” from pages 126-127 (due Mon).  Homework: Begin E-46 Advanced Organic Nomenclature PP (E-46-16 ss) and make notecard for extra credit test. Review 3rd Quarter Review and continue 4th Quarter Review (See above for details!!!).

 Have a great week!!!

Mrs. Kim Anderson

P.S. I am in E-314 before and after school if you need help!!!