Chemistry … April 10th – 14th

Hello, students!

Important note: Do you have missing work? Are you unhappy with a quiz or test score? Work on the remediation sheets to retake E-27 Atomic Structure I for up to 100% (e-27-15-rem), E-29 Formula Writing and Naming for up to 100% (e-29-15-rem), E-31 Bonding and Structure for up to 100% (remediation sheet in-class handout only), E-33 The Periodic Table for up to 100% (remediation sheet in-class handout only), E-30 Atomic Structure II for 60% (e-30-15-rem), or E-32 Group Properties Quiz for 60% (E-32-15 rem)? Check the required remediation sheet when you are finished, and let me know when you are ready to retake!!!

Here is what we are doing in Chemistry this week:

Monday, April 10th – Review E-36 Energy Graphs (E-36-16 ss/E-36-08 mpp). Take the E-36 Test. After the Test, show me E-36 More Practice Problems, E-36 Even More Practice Problems, and E-36 Practice Test from pages 82-85 in the Workbook AND the E-37 Precipitation Reaction Prelab … including Prelab Terms (GUIDELINESFORLABREPORT-08/E-37-16 ls).

Tuesday, April 11th –  New Seats. Complete the E-37 Lab with new partner. Check data as a class.

Wednesday, April 12th – Complete and correct the E-37 Handout Day #1 with partner (Data Table) and turn in (E-37-12 SH (KR)). Homework: Begin the E-37 every third Quiz Practice Problem (write possible products and circle insoluble precipitates)(E-37-14 qp) (Quiz will be next Tuesday!!!).

Thursday, April 13th – Complete and correct the E-37 Handout Day #2 with partner (Question 1) and turn in. Homework: Continue the E-37 every third Quiz Practice Problem (write net ionic equations and name products)(Quiz will be next Tuesday!!!). Begin the E-40 Vinegar Titration Mini Lab Prelab if time (GUIDELINESFORLABREPORT-08/E-40-16 ls)(due next Thursday).

Friday, April 14th – NO SCHOOL.

 Have a great week!!!

Mrs. Kim Anderson

P.S. I am in E-314 before and after school if you need help!!!