Chemistry … February 20th -24th

Hello, students!

Here is what we are doing in Chemistry this week:

Monday, February 20th – NO SCHOOL. PRESIDENT’S DAY.

Tuesday, February 21st – E-30 Atomic Structure II Kahoot … . Finish, check, and turn in the E-30 Practice Test on pages 32-33 in Workbook with partner (e-30-08-pt). Homework: We will turn in E-30 Electron’s Address AND the E-30 Practice Problems 1-24 (You may skip #6.) Wednesday!!! STUDY for the E-30 Test Thursday (e-30-16-ss/e-30-electrons-address/e-30-17-h/e-30-17-ns)(Consider trying the extra Practice Problems on page 31 in your Workbook?)!!!

 Wednesday, February 22nd – Check, turn in Electron’s Address. Did you finish, check, and turn in the E-30 Practice Test on pages 32-33 in Workbook with partner? Did you finish E -30 Practice Problems 1-24 (Skipping 6.)? Begin the E-31 Bonding and Structure PreReading Activity on pages 34-36 in Workbook (e-31-10-pra / e-31-16-ss). Homework: Continue working on the PreReading Activity (due next Tues).

 Thursday, February 23rd – Take the E-30 Test!!! Continue the E-31 PreReading Activity (due next Tues). PT CONFERENCES 3:30-7 pm. Homework: Continue the E-31 PreReading Activity (due next Tues).

 Friday, February 24th – NO SCHOOL. PT CONFERENCES 8:30-NOON.


Mrs. Kim Anderson

P.S. I am in E-314 before and after school if you need help!!! 


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