Chemistry … October 24th – 28th

Hello, students!

Important note: sign up for my Google classroom (codes: Per 1 – hyykpp / Per 2 – o701os / Per 3 – wce30q / Per 4 – e5o8em ! The THREE Optional E-2 Extra Practice Tests will self correct if opened in Google Sheets! There is also a E-2 self grading Practice Quiz!

Even though it’s Second Quarter, you may retake E-1 or E-2. You MUST complete and check a remediation sheet before you can retake! Here are remediation sheets for E-1 Metric System (complete at least one) … E-01 rem /E-01 rem 2.  Here are the remediation sheets for E-2 Significant Figures (complete at least one) … E-02-13 emppE-02-13 apt!  If you scored less than a 60% on E-4to6, E-7, or E-13 Tests or the E-9 Quiz, you may also retake them for up to a 60%. You CAN do it! Learning just takes practice!!! 🙂

Extra credit opportunity … Please complete this E-12 Charles’ Law Lab (E-12-15 ls). You may earn up to 30 points of extra credit. You have until Thursday, November 10th.

Here is what we are doing in Chemistry this week:

Monday, October 24th – E-14 Molar Mass Notes (E-14-15 ss). Begin the E-14 Practice Problems 1-4 “odd letters” (a, c, e …)(due Thurs). Homework:  Continue the first Quarter Review (1st two pages are due Tues/ last two pages are due Wed). 

Tuesday, October 25th – Stamp and check 1st two pages of 1st Quarter Review. Continue the E-14 Practice Problems 1-4 “odd letters” (a, c, e …)(due Thurs). Homework:  Finish the First Quarter Review (last two pages are due Wed). 

Wednesday, October 26th –  Stamp and check 2nd two pages of Quarter Review. Finish the E-14 Practice Problems 1-4 “odd letters” (a, c, e …)(due Thurs). Homework:  STUDY for the First Quarter Test Thursday!!! Complete E-15 Equal Volumes Prelab (GUIDELINESFORLABREPORT-08/E-15-15 ls)(due Mon).

Thursday, October 27th – Stamp E-14 Practice Problems. Take 1st Quarter Exam. Take Molar Mass Notes. Parent Teacher Conferences 3:30-7 pm. Homework: Complete E-15 Equal Volumes Prelab (due Mon). Read E-14 Molar Mass Study Sheet in Workbook (E-14-15 ss) and continue the “odd letters” (a, c, e …) from Practice Problems 1-3 (due next Thurs). 

Friday, October 28th – NO SCHOOL. Parent Teacher Conferences 8:30 am – Noon.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Kim Anderson

P.S. I am in E-314 before and after school if you need help!!!